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Tuesday 12th May



If you take a look at the Video Resource Centre (where I have uploaded the chapters of Black Powder) and on our page there you will see that Ally Sherrick has sent a video to you guys answering SOME of your questions. Well done to Paige, Ryan, Oliver and Jessica for sending in your questions! I'm hoping that if you didn't get a chance to send in questions for Ally, she might have answered yours in the video. 

This is so exciting and fantastic that we have actual access to a real life author. She has asked for some feedback so I was thinking we could do a one off exercise today to send to her (please know that because I am asking you to do this you do not have to complete all 3 of the other tasks, if you could just complete the topic and English below that would be fantastic)


Because you are so fantastic at writing poetry I was thinking maybe we could do a BLACKout poem from each of you from one page of her book? If you would like to create a poem for her that is not a blackout one please do so (I know some of you have really enjoyed doing the poetry exercises). 

I will upload a page from her book and allow you to complete the poem to send to her. If you would also like to send any message to her for the video that would be extremely lovely and kind of you. 


SO, the work for today is: 


English: You work for today is on Reading EGGSPRESS and it should be lesson 202 and it is apiece of writing on Saving Atlantis! 

Topic: There is a video for you to watch about sound, from the video could you please draw a diagram explaining how you think sounds travels through the air with a brief description on what your diagram depicts underneath.