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Autumn 1 Wild Weather

Wild Weather

Weather can be unpredictable and this is why we love it! This term we will be looking at the different seasonal changes that occur between autumn and winter. We have set up our own weather station in the Year 1 garden and will  be observing the weather over the course of the half term and writing down our findings. We will also be making our own boats in Design and Technology to help us understand how they remain strong in adverse weather conditions. In Geography we will be looking at hot and cold climates across the globe using Atlases to help support our knowledge. We will choose one hot country and one cold country to see if we can make any comparisons.


Our class outcome for this term is movie animation. For this we will have a go at being weather presenters creating our own forecasts. Check back here throughout the term to see how we are getting on.

Sutton Courtenay Wildlife Trust

We had an excellent day out at the Sutton Courtenay Wildlife trust for our school trip. Our day was based around the seasons and our guide Anne planned a selection of different activities for us to do including: Building a house for a door mouse,  a seasons scavenger hunt and making our own bird feeders. We learnt lots and most importantly had lots of fun.

Our Weather Forecasts

This term we have been learning all about wild weather. We have looked at the differences between hot and cold climates and the different weathers that they experience. We had a go at creating some of our own weather forecasts. We hope you enjoy watching them.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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