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¡Viva España!

¡Viva España!



Welcome to your first term in Year 4.

This term will be spent adjusting to the new normal as we adapt to changes in our routine due to COVID-19. However, we will have lots of exciting activities to ensure we continue to enjoy our learning.


Our focus this term is going to be on art, geography and science. We will be exploring the similarities and differences between the UK and Spain beginning with a comparison of English and Spanish art through Lowry and Picasso. We will be developing our skills as art critics and using different techniques in our own art before exhibiting our own masterpieces in our class gallery.



We will be developing our knowledge of the United Kingdom and the British Isles, finding out about major cities in the UK and learning to navigate between them. We will then move on to identifying European countries with a focus on Spain, its natural and physical features and its landmarks.



Finally, in science, we are going to learn about the human digestive system focusing on the journey of food through the body, as well as investigating the different types of teeth and their functions.