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Autumn 2 - Food Glorious Food

Autumn 2 

Food Glorious Food!


This term we are going to be learning all about food.


We will find out where our food comes from, how some food is produced and what other animals eat.

We will even get the chance to grow, cook and taste some of our own food. 






In geography we will look at how weather can effect what food grows and will compare food we grow in England to those that grow in the Caribbean. 


In history we will compare farming methods they used in the past to modern farming methods.

We will even have a go at churning our own butter! 


In art we will be exploring colour, texture and shape through our own work, based on the art of Andy Warhol and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.






It is now almost upon us!

This term we will be rehearsing for our Christmas play 'The Nutcracker'

and will be producing items to sell at the Christmas Fair. 

We hope you will be able to come and join us for both events. 

Dates are on the calendar on the website.