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Here you can find details (blog) about some of the things that we have been learning in Year 5 - all written up by the children!

English w/b 20/11/20

On Monday we looked at features of a newspaper report based on War Of The Worlds and from the tracks and the book on War Of The Worlds. On Tuesday we planed our newspaper report.Then for the rest of the week we wrote our newspaper report block by block. On Friday we managed to finish our newspaper report about War The Worlds and it was very fun. We also managed to draw a picture based on War Of The Worlds in our newspaper report. Everyone worked very hard on the newspaper report and  Mr Neighbour really enjoyed reading our newspaper reports. He gave us some feedback and everyone knew what they had to do to reply to 

 Mr Neighbours feedback he gave us.

English 16/11/20

Today we looked at creating freeze frames in English. We read the next chapters of War of the Worlds and we are excited to read the next ones. Here are some of our freeze frames when we saw the alien tripods. 

English 13/11/20. 

In English today we were learning about Parentheses. Mr. Neighbour showed us an awesome video which was really funny. Parentheses are brackets, commas and dashes and we use them to add detail in our sentences.  We also created a poster telling people what they are. Some people struggled but knew what they were in the end.  Mr. Neighbour provided us with a sheet which asked us a few questions about parentheses most of us got them right.

In English this week we have been writing with imaginative description. We have been watching and writing about the Remembrance video of the hare and his friends and what the war was like to them. We planned, wrote and edited our work and found that talking at the right point in the video clip was really difficult. Here is the end product of what we did this week. Written by Lucas and Olivia.


Below is a link to our Video Resource Centre. Scroll down to Merlin class to hear our work.

Maths 23/10/2020

Today we have been looking at designing Penta Houses. Penta Houses are buildings where all the 5 rooms have to be connected. This is what our problem solving Friday Maths We were in pairs and we worked in systematic ways. We used used plastic cubes for the Penta houses Bricks.

English 23/10/20

Today we listened to a song that was all about expanded noun phrases and then we played a really fun game where we had to remember everyone’s description of a random Halloween related object or thing. It was really tough remembering everyone’s words. Even though it was hard it was really fun for everyone. Next we played a game where one person on each team had a whiteboard and pen and had to draw a picture in 30 seconds but some people took longer. The others had to choose an adjective to describe it. That is what we learnt today for English. 

16/10/2020 - English

This week we have been writing a letter to Maz Evans. To start the week of we were learning about the features of a letter. These were some of the features, the senders address, an introduction, paragraphs around a theme, places where the writer addresses the recipient directly and a complimentary close. On Tuesday we planned our letter out on a spider diagram in three points , then in the middle we wrote the main points. That got us to think about what we were going to say to the author. Wednesday, we wrote a draft letter so we could then edit it then send it to Maz Evans. Thursday we edited our letter and either corrected anything or added anything like, better adjectives, questions. Then on Friday, today we wrote our letter out in neat then we will check for any mistakes it will then be sent to Maz Evans to read and see what we said. 

Here is a example of one of our letters :

14/10/20 Black History

We have been looking at black history and the Notting hill carnival. They had tones of colours on their outfits, they also did lots of traditional dancing when people watched them perform. We also tried doing a quiz, naming 

famous black people and guessing there jobs. Because we are looking at the carnival everyone had post notes

and wrote facts then put them on sugar paper.

09/10/20 Science


In science we did a investigation with skittles and see how fast they dissolved in six liquids which where milk, sanitizer, water, fairy liquid, cleaning liquid and glue.Most of us predicted the water and sanitizer would be the quickest at dissolving the skittles. It turns out that the water and cleaning liquid were the quickest at dissolving the skittles and sanitizer and glue were the slowest at dissolving the skittles. We did it by filling cups halfway with the six different liquids then putting the skittles into the cups and water five minutes. After the five minutes, we checked the cups and got our results. 

08/10/2020 English (Author Visit)

In English  today we went on a zoom call with Maz Evans who is the author of Who Let The Gods The out. She had a very bubbly personality Maz told us all about her life as an author 📚. Maz thought us how to plan story books and how to keep it all organised. She also said that to get inspiration for writing and to be an author you need to read LOADS!! Maz Evans was very inspirational and fun to talk to although we all found it quite nerve racking to ask her questions because it was our first time meeting her. She sent Mr Neighbour a link for a book planning sheet. She was very excited to meet us because we are studying her books📝📚. This is a picture of what we did. 

05/10/2020 PE

Today we went out on the field to do tag rugby.We had a lot of fun in PE! There was some of  us in bibs and some didn't. We were in groups of 4 or 5 and had a rugby ball between us.We had tags and the other people with bibs had to try and get the person who had the ball. We put the skills that we have learned into playing a small game of Tag Rugby. By Jessica and Evie





02/10/2020 History

This afternoon we did a diary entry of a myth called the Trojan Horse. We listened to a audiobook of the Trojan Horse, it was very amusing. This myth was very hard to write as a diary entry but we were resilient and determined. All of us did half or three quarters of a page. We all enjoyed doing the diary entry of the Trojan horse. Here is an example of our work. By Jack and Olivia

02/10/2020 Maths

Today was problem solving Friday. For the first task we added up single digit numbers to solve the number puzzle. As we were really good, we made harder by having the answers first to work out what made those numbers and some people found it tricky but they got better at it. The whole of the year 5 class was amazing at this and we are going to be doing more at wet lunch. By Bonnie and Grayson

30/09/20 History

This afternoon in History we were researching the Battle of Marathon, we also watched a video clip to help us learn more about it.

We have enjoyed acting out the battle. The left side of the room were the Persian Army and the right side being the Athenian Army.

We wrote down 6 points on a whiteboard then on a storyboard and added pictures to go with them. We then we stuck it in our books and finished the lesson. Here is an example of one of are storyboards that we created. By Harry and Brooke.