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School Council Attend RAF Benson's Remembrance Service

On Friday 11th November school council were invited to the D-hangar remembrance service.
First of all we walked hurriedly down to one of the gates where we were let through by Mrs. Irwin. Then we took another short walk down to D-hangar. When we got inside we were asked to go to the front. We had to be very respectful by being quiet. There was a Puma and Merlin inside, two great helicopters.
At the start of the service Padre Glynn stood on a decorated platform and gave a speech about remembering. Then 3 people read out information about some people that has lost their lives in battle. After that the trumpet playing started playing the Last Post. During this period we began the 2-minute silence with great respect for the people who lost their lives during all wars. Then the service finished and everyone was dismissed.
After the service all the children in school council described how they felt during the service.
These are some of their feelings:
The children felt upset and shocked at times because of the sad stories. Some of the other children felt scared and speechless because of the hundreds of eyes watching us.