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The Wild Wild West


Wild Wild West


Our final Topic of this academic year is called ‘The Wild Wild West.’ You will find what we are going to be working on below.


History and Geography:

We are going to be finding out what life was like on the Western Frontier and how this differs from life today. We are going to be comparing and contrasting these time periods as well as researching and writing about Western towns in America. We will also be looking and labelling countries in North America and naming the American States in our Geography lessons.



Throughout this Topic we are going to be looking at our ‘thinking and working scientifically targets.’ We are going to be critical thinkers with our use of questioning along with developing our scientific knowledge and understanding further. We will be doing this by finding out how quickly bullets travel and how sound travels – vibrations.


Art and DT:

We will be researching information about Dreamcatchers to start our Art project. We will then plan, design, create and evaluate our very own dreamcatchers that would have created in the Wild West.


Useful Websites are as follows: