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Term 3 topic - Our Body

This term our topic is Our Body. We are learning: 


To hear and say the initial sounds in words
To blend sounds in words 
To use phonetic knowledge to write simple words
To read familiar words 
To use information books to answer questions 


To recognise numerals 1-20
To relate addition to combining two groups
To relate subtracting to taking away
To use developing mathematical ideas to solve practical problems
To use language such as heavier/lighter/taller/shorter to compare quantities 


Naming body parts
Investigating using our senses
Keeping healthy
To look at we have changed since we were a baby 


Recognising the importance of keeping healthy and recognising changes to body when active


We will be having a doctors role play corner 
Making Skeletons/healthy food plates/posters
Singing songs such as head/shoulders/knees and toes
Cooking activities


Understanding the beliefs of other cultures and our own by celebrating the festival of Chinese New Year/Pancake day/valentines day