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Martin Luther King

We looked at Martin Luther King towards the start of the term and discussed how he was an inspirational person. We read through his "I have a dream" speech and talked about what he was trying to say in the speech as well as how it made us feel.


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Below are some quotes from the children about how it made them feel after hearing it:


" It made me think about how horrible humans used to be and still are. We are all the same species and it is just our appearances that are different."


"It made me feel sad because it would have been horrible for black people to live through that time."


"It made me feel sad that black people were separated from white people."



We then talked about how if we could change something for children around the world and make a stand like Martin Luther King did what would we do if we had the power to change.

Please look through some of the pieces of work the children did on how they would help children around the world.