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Autumn 2 Tall Tales

Tall Tales



We are going back in time this term focused on the River Thames, as we learn about significant local people, places and events within living memory. We will look at the history of the river, the Oxbridge Boat Race, Steven Redgrave and Kenneth Graeme, the author of the Wind in the Willows.


Whilst in English, we will be creating our own amazing tales, changing the end of a familiar story using others texts and experiences to inform our writing.


And of course, we will be looking forward to Christmas, reflected in a number of our subject areas and with our Christmas performance.


Please see the class topic web and knowledge organiser below for more detail on what we will be learning this term.

Creative writing


This term we have been using Anthony Browne's story, The Tunnel, to stimulate our imaginations and help us make links to other stories and books we remember. We wrote our own story endings, creating our own worlds at the other end of the tunnel, and have published them in a class book. 

Winter Wonderland!


We have been working hard on our Winter Wonderland crafts to sell. These are our dreamcatchers, to give us happy dreams over the festive period and catch all our Christmas wishes. Maybe they could even be adorned with some extra Christmas memories at home. The children really enjoyed making them, rising to the challenge when it got a little tricky and delivering a superb end result to be proud of. Well done Gazelle, great growth mindset!

Budding scientists


We have been busy developing our science skills. The children designed and set up their own seed growing experiment, predicting what would happen and ensuring only one thing was changed (setting up a fair test). They also set up a dye-run experiment, to consider how nest to compare and show the results.