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School Development Plan

What is a School Development Plan?

The School Development Plan (SDP) aims to provide Staff, Parents, Governors and associated professionals with a clear document that shows what the school intends to focus on for the next three academic years. The long term vision is summarised in the Governor Strategic Plan.


How is it developed?

A number of groups of people are consulted about how we move the school forward. These are:

  • Staff and Governors meet in the Summer term to complete an evaluation and objective setting activity
  • Parents are consulted at the annual 'Meet the Teacher' meetings and have opportunities to share their thoughts on what we need to focus on
  • Views of the pupils are sought through the School Council representatives at the start of the new year.


When does it start?

The Plan comes into operation in November of each year and finishes in October, the following year (start of Autumn 2 to end of Autumn 1 the following year).


How is it monitored?

At the beginning of each term the Development Plan is checked for progress by the Senior Leadership Team and sections fed back to and monitored by the various governing body committees


Who approves the SDP?

The Governing body is responsible for the approval and effectiveness of the SDP.



Our School Development Plan


Our school is currently judged to be Good. This comes from the previous short inspection in July 2017. In order to maintain this level of recognition for the outstanding level of education the pupils receive at the school, we need to ensure continued reflection and self-evaluation.


This School Development Plan will run from November 2021 – October 2022. Each School Development Priority from the School Development Plan is described in terms of Outcomes for Pupils, Quality of Education, Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare and Leadership and Management with additional areas that the school has identified as priorities to develop. It has been structured in accordance with the revised Ofsted framework for inspection so priorities are grouped under the Ofsted category headings.


This plan has been compiled with the aim of ensuring that the priorities identified will improve the overall efficiency of the school and provide for the needs of all pupils spiritually, socially, morally, physically and academically, thereby having a positive impact on the standards pupils attain.


All stakeholders in the school will be informed of the development priorities outlined in the plan, with regular opportunities for discussion and consultation where appropriate to ensure clarity and transparency which will lead to maximum impact. 

The Plan