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Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning and....

There's no work today................................APRIL FOOLS! 


So your maths for this morning is the below worksheet - you need to add up each of the hobbies and then find the mean average of each of the hobbies. 

Your English is to have a go and have some fun with 2Handwrite. Practise your joins with your mouse, then you play back your handwriting once you have finished (so try to join as much as possible). Have a go at re-writing your poems from last week. 

Finally, have a look at the below document, we are going to be doing some ART this afternoon. 


Uruguayan Artist Joaquin Garcia created Picture Puzzles using symbols. Look at the document below and have some fun creating your own picture puzzles. :)

I would love to see what you come up with! :)

Here are some fantastic pieces of work created by Hayden, Oliver, Olivia, Skye H and Skye M