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Lynx - Foundation Stage

Welcome to Lynx Class! We hope you had a lovely break over the holiday. Hopefully you will feel ready for the start of school!

Miss Crouch is our teacher. Mrs Lyse and Mrs Stirling are our Teaching Assistants. 
In our Foundation Stage we love to learn through play and exploration. We have lots of exciting areas in our classroom, such as a role play area, writing corner where we can write letters, practice our letter formation and make marks, sand, water, movement corner, construction, junk modelling, messy area, library and a ICT area.

We also LOVE to be outside and go outside in all weathers! We are very lucky as we have a huge outdoor area where we can explore living things in our garden patch and grow our own plants and play on bikes and scooters. We also have lots of opportunities to take our literacy and numeracy learning into the outdoors, for example by writing with giant chalks and paintbrushes, playing number games and reading in our reading tent.