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Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!


All of our geography lessons this term will be around the locations of children’s films. We will start by exploring the islands that surround Great Britain through the film ‘Brave’. We will look at the locations that inspired the film and compare the lives of children living there to those of children living on other small islands around the world. We will then move on to focus on films located near the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. We will explore the environments shown in these film locations and discuss how their geographical location on Earth affects them.  Next, we will look at the different types of places people choose to live, with a specific focus on why people may choose to live in cities over other locations. Finally, we will consider the origins of the main ethnic groups in our class and school.


This term we will be focusing on ‘Pencil vs Camera’ art. This type of art was developed by the artist Ben Heine.  We will begin by exploring Ben Heine’s life and evaluating pieces of his artwork. We will then use his artwork as inspiration for our own works created in this style. To do this, we will create mood boards, initial sketches and final designs.

During this topic, we will also use a camera to take images which will be used in our own artwork, focusing on how to take a clear, well-considered image.


Computing and Music

In computing we will be making our own animations. We will select pieces of music to create and enhance the atmosphere of our work.


Our Science topic this term will be electricity. We will start by looking at electrical safety and ways we can keep ourselves safe. After this, we will build our own simple electrical circuits and represent these using diagrams, through the correct scientific symbols. We will further advance these circuits by adding extra components such as buzzers and lights. We will also investigate different materials, their properties and whether they would be conductors and insulators.