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Apache - Year 4

Welcome to Apache Class! This year you will be taught by Mrs Redhead and Mrs Whitty and now Miss Olive! We are really looking forward to working with all of you on the exciting topics you chose:

Term1: Cafe Francais
Term 2: Terrific Tudors
Term 3: Awesome Egyptians
Term 4: Rise of the Robots
Term 5: Sensational Settlements
Term 6: Mini Beasts and Beyond

In Term 6 we will be studying mini beasts and beyond. We have lots of exciting activities planned and lots of learning taking place.

-We will be going on a mini- beast hunt ! The recent weather has been perfect for finding lots of mini beasts in the grounds.
-  We are going to look at a variety of mini beasts. Where do they live? Why is this their chosen habitat? What do they look like?
- What do they eat? What part do they play in the food chain? How are they important for the survival of other animals?
-Can we read keys to help us identify animals? We are also going to be writing some of our own.
- - We are going to read stories about mini beasts and write one of our own.
And lots, lots more!