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Here comes the sun!


Welcome to our last term in Puma class.

Our topic this term is based around our knowledge, understanding and concept of light and dark.


We will be using a selection of picture books which promote the use of beautiful vocabulary, to support our English learning this term.

Children will use the language and descriptive techniques identified in these stories to help them write their own short story and poems. 


Our texts this term are:




After an amazing couple of terms learning about Pompeii and the Roman Invasion of Britain, Year 3 are going to be making learning connections in Geography this term by learning all about Italy.

We will be making comparisons between the UK and Italy by looking at the physical and human geography, climate, settlements and land use. We will also be developing our map skills by using grid references as well as the 8 point compass to give directions. 


As scientists,  we are going to be shining some light on a new unit, where we will no longer be in the dark about how we see, how light reflects and how shadows are formed.


In art we will be learning about the famous European artist Pablo Picasso. Children will be comparing his work to that of Albert Giacometti, who we learnt about in Spring term. We will be developing our use and understanding of artistic language,  as well as our observational drawing skills as we work towards creating our own Cubist portraits. 


Watch this space for Puma Class Art Gallery!