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Lights, Camera, Action!

Welcome to Spring Term 2, Apache Class.


This term we will be getting creative as we work towards creating our very own animations and putting on our very own Year 3 and 4 stage production!


In computing this term, we will be learning about animation. We will start by discussing what makes a good animation and how animations can be made by hand. After this, we will plan and create our own animations using Purple Mash and ‘Stop Motion’ techniques.



This term we will be focusing on how best to show facial expression and body language through sketching and painting. We will develop our own sketching skills, and will experiment with colour to build layers of detail into different facial features, before combining them into our own portraits. We will also consider the significance of sketching in animation through the study of original Disney classics, which will give us the opportunity to have fun creating our own flip books by hand, before transferring our skills into a digital environment in our computing sessions. 



Our Geography will be based around the locations of children’s animated films. We will begin by identifying film locations around the world, exploring the environments shown in these film locations and discussing how their geographical location on Earth affects them. We will then focus in more detail on European locations and will conduct a detailed study of Paris through the animated film Ratatouille. We will also consider the appeal of living in a major city and will explore our own preferences using a contrasting setting through Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which is based in the Alsace region of France.



Sound will be our focus for this term’s science lessons. To begin with, we will identify how sound is made and recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear. We will then investigate patterns between the pitch of sound and features of the object that made the sound. Finally, we will look at how sound is affected by distance and will ultimately apply our new knowledge when adding sound effects to our own animations, using instruments of our own creation.



In music this term we will be considering the way in which music, like film, brings people together. We will be playing the glockenspiel, learning musical notation and considering how music is used create atmosphere, before selecting and creating music to accompany our own animations. 


There will be plenty of other activities to enjoy this term too! You can dress up as your favourite story character on World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. We will also be enjoying Science Week later in the term, as well as our Year 3 and 4 production. Please keep an eye on our page for further details as the term progresses.