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Foreign Food

This term, we are very excited to be learning about Foreign Food! We will have the chance to cook and try foreign food as well as learning about the geography and history of those countries/continents. 

We have lots of exciting events coming up this term as well, especially the Year 5/6 play!! We are super excited about performing to all of our parents and family! 


At the beginning of the term we talked about what are favourite foods are, have a look through some of our favourites: 


Elliott: Pizza

Lauren: Cauliflower korma

Regam: Burgers

Jake: Pizza

Emily: Ice cream

Abi: Calzone

Ruby: Ice cream

Faith: Meatballs

Toby: Salt and vinegar pringles

Lilly: Nutella

Connie: Chicken nuggets

Rio: Basmati rice

Kayleigh: Jelly and gravy

Oscar: Pizza

Rhys: Hot dogs

Alex: Calamari

Calum: Shepherds pie

Tegan: Lasagne

Miss Bradley: Fajitas