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Roaming Romans

The Roaming Romans


We have an exciting term ahead of us, where we will be learning all about the Roman invasion of Britain and considering the question:


What impact did the Roman invasion have on Britain?


In Puma class we will be looking at timelines and maps of the Roman Empire, finding out all about the Roman army, discovering who Boudica was and what legacies the Romans have left behind. 


We have a fantastic experience planned at the Hill End Centre, where children will be immersed in Roman and Celtic culture before facing each other in a final battle!


In science we will be looking at plants, considering what the peasantry of the time might have grown. We will be learning about the parts of a plant, their function and how they contribute to water transportation, fertilisation and seed dispersal. We will have a go at planting and growing our own plants, making observations as they grow. 



Linked to our Roman topic, our English text this term will be 'Queen of Darkness' by Tony Bradman.

Through this fictional text we will find out all about Queen Boudica and apply what they learn to write a biography all about her.  We will also look at the non-fiction book ‘So you think you’ve got it bad!’ and create our own  non-chronological report to show case our learning about the Ancient Romans.




Children will even be learning the Roman Numerals to 12 in maths! 


Check back here to see some of our learning and to find out when our class assembly will be! 

We had a great time at Hill End learning all about the Ancient Roman army and their battle with the Celts.