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Term 1 'Spectacular Space!'

This term Year 5 will be learning all about Space!!!

In English this term, we will be learning...

For the first 3 days we will be looking at the artist ‘Banksy’. We will be looking at his life and his art.

The children will be learning about novels and stories by significant authors.
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, The BFG by Roald Dahl and Visual text the Iron Giant.
The children will be learning to write in the style of Ted Hughes and Roald Dahl. This will include writing opportunities for descriptive writing, Newspaper reports, Diaries and Play scripts

The children will also be learning about Poetic style. They will explore poetic devices and write own alien/space poems.

Handwriting – Basic joins, writing on the line
Spelling – Spelling patterns

In Maths this term, we will be learning to;

Read and write whole numbers in figures and words
Compare and order numbers
Know by heart multiplication facts up to 10 × 10
Rehearse the concept of a remainder when dividing
Make general statements about odd and even numbers
Construct number sequences; recognise and explain patterns
Recognise parallel and perpendicular lines
Classify triangles – equal sides, equal angles, lines of symmetry
Draw and interpret frequency tables, pictogram's and bar graphs
Organise and interpret data in bar line graphs. Find the mode
Use, read and write standard metric units of length: mm, Cm, m, Km
Use, read and write standard metric units of weight: kg, g
Recognise reflective symmetry and the axis of symmetry
Rehearse names & properties of common 3D shapes

Our topic outcome will be to create a display for the school. So keep your eyes peeled when walking around!

In art the children will be using marble techniques to create planet pictures.

In DT the children will explore how cam mechanisms produce movement. Design and create own space scenes that involve a moving part using cams. Design and make planets out of balloons and paper Mache.

In Science the children will learn about relative sizes of planets, earth, sun and moon and how they move, Understand night and day and Investigative skills: make observations, recognise patterns and represent data in graphs.

In ICT children will learn how to record interviews, leading on to screen casting and recording – include evaluation.
Learn about databases. Use a planet database to find information, add ‘new’ planets. They will combine text and graphics to create invitation to ‘star walk’

Children will receive English homework every Monday which is due on the following Wednesday

Children will receive Maths homework every Wednesday which is due on the following Friday

Children will receive a Spelling pattern every Monday and are required to use that pattern to generate their own list of spelling words. Together with the rest of the group a list of words will be put together and sent home on the following Wednesday. These words will be tested on the following Monday.

Children are expected to read at home for 5-10 minutes per day

Topic - Fact file. Children can choose a planet and create a fact file of information to share with the rest of the class. Please could these projects be brought in any time after week 4. These projects can be handwritten or word processed (including PowerPoint).

Thank you for your continued co-operation