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Spring 2: Deep in the Jungle

Deep in the Jungle!


We are off travelling this term, led by our geography and science topics. We will be exploring and comparing the seasonal human and physical features of the New Forest in the United Kingdom, to the tropical rainforests of India.


We will be setting up comparative tests in science, to observe and capture the growth cycle of plants, linking this to what they need to survive and be healthy, including the importance of temperature on plant growth. We are off to the Living Rainforest in Newbury, to experience the humid, constant growing conditions of the rainforest first hand, and will be comparing the plants there to those that we find growing around school and in our own gardens, whilst gaining insight into the huge range of food we get from these areas of the world. Such as the 14.2 million tonnes of bananas grown in India each year!


In English, we will be writing survival guides and diaries inspired by our jungle theme and the text, “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling, amongst other texts we will enjoy. In art and computing, we will be putting our search and artistic skills to the test to research and recreate jungle scenes.

World Book Day 2023


The children looked amazing in their costumes today! Thank you parents for all our support. They were treated to a crazy Mr Men and Little Miss assembly, and then enjoyed stories and related work throughout the day. The children explored the Amazonian rainforest through 'The Great Kapok Tree'; the world of the courageous zero and innovative Numberator, making new digits and numbers with the story, 'A Place for Zero'; and finally chose their own story room to enjoy a last adventure of the day,  

Our trip deep into the jungle


Gazelle Class have been off into the jungle exploring at the Living Rainforest, Newbury. The children were able to experience first hand the humidity and warmth of the rainforest, the wide diversity of plant life and see some amazing wildlife (including a tantalising glimpse of the sloth!). They learnt about what eats what in the jungle, fully testing their knowledge of carnivore, herbivore and omnivore, and added a couple of new terms to their vocabulary. Do you know what type of -vore describes an animal that only eats tree sap (gum), or only fruit?  The children also got some great tips and inspiration for the jungle survival guide they will be writing over the next couple of weeks, including dangers to look out for, such as sapphire-blue, tiny frogs and ambush predator crocodiles!