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Summer 2 - Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water, Everywhere!



This term children will be making a SPLASH as they explore our topic of WATER.


In Topic children will be learning about the different sources of water we have on Earth and which ones are closest to us. We will also DIVE into life at the seaside, as we find out how seaside resorts have changed since the Victorian era.

Children will then be finding out exactly what an island is and the features they have, before they design their very own island, including its flag, traditional dress and even language!

In Art and Design children will then have a WHALE of a time making papier-mache versions of their island, ready to present in our sculpture exhibition at the end of term.


We will continue to develop our Science skills this term by carrying out investigations and experiments involving absorbency, water resistance, rain and clouds. Children will learn how to make strong predictions and record what they SEA.


This term is FLOODED with fun activities to enjoy, including our International Cookathon, Camo Day, Summer Fair and Sports Day. Please check the school app and website for updates on these events.


Towards the end of term, as we WAVE goodbye to Year 2, they will have the opportunity to spend some time with their Year 3 teacher in their new classroom to help with the transition.

We hope they are looking forward to their next adventure!