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Autumn 1: Under the Sea

Welcome to our first term in Year 2, where we will be exploring life in the World's oceans!


We will start our learning with a focus on geography by naming, locating and identifying the names of the different continents, oceans and seas of the World.  


We will then dive under the waves in science, to find out what animals and plants live in the ocean habitat, how they survive underwater and what they eat. We will be comparing different habitats and how different types of animals have different life cycles and develop our scientific skills by carrying out investigations involving buoyancy and how long it take to dissolve different materials, to begin our thinking of what might put these ocean habitats at risk.


In art, we will be exploring and appreciating the work of Heather Galler, and using her ideas of applying pattern and colour to showcase our own perceptions of sea life. Children’s art work will be available for sale in support of the Marine Conservation Society.


Keep checking back here to see updates on what we have been up to!

Battle of Britain Celebration Day and Exhibition


We were inspired by the local story of Flying Officer John Wilding and Flight Sergeant John Andrew and how they saved their crew, (and the town of Wallingford!), to design and create our own parachutes. We applied our Design and Technology skills and worked brilliantly as a team, to share skills and learn from each other. We tested the parachutes by dropping them from a height, before a second test for the best of the designs, with a (water balloon) paratrooper attached.