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Term 6

The whole school is focusing on the topic of The Olympics this term to celebrate the Games in Rio this summer. Year 3's topic is 'Ultimate Olympians'.


In Science the children will learn what it takes to become an ultimate Olympic athlete, exploring why it is important to stay fit and healthy and discovering the effects of exercise on our bodies.This will involve thinking about what humans eat, looking at the main food groups and then moving on to discovering what nutrients our bodies need, which foods contain them and why we need them.They will learn the names of the main bones of the human body and begin to understand that muscles and bones work together to generate movement.


The Olympic Games also provide a perfect context for learning about the way of life, the beliefs and the achievements of the Ancient Greeks in History. Children will compare the Games then and now, and use their historical research skills to track the changes and key events in the Modern Games, since they began in 1896.


There will be lots of extra curricular activities happening around school this term such as a street party lunch, the Summer Fayre, Sports Day, and  Camo Day. There are other surprises along the way so keep checking the website for updates and photos.