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Term 5- Transport

Welcome back to school after some lovely weather and lots of Easter eggs!

This term in Year 1 we will be learning all about transport.
We hope to be visiting some different modes of transport as well as finding out all about them in our history lessons.
We will be finding out all about pushes and pulls and how they effect the wheels around us.
Then we will put some of this knowledge into practice as we design and build our own vehicles.

This term we will also be focussing lots on our phonics skills, so look out for this in your homework.

Finally, as we move into the later part of the school year we will be beginning to prepare the children for Year 2. We will be looking at table manners and knife and fork skills, we will be encouraging children to be more independent in their organisation and in keeping their belongings tidy and we will be helping children to reflect on their own learning and to work with different children in the class.

For more details about our learning this term please see our curriculum brochure. We look forward to seeing you visit us in learn with your child week.