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This term we are going to travel back in time to explore the earliest civilisations.

We are going to learn about when and where different ancient civilisations began, finding out about similarities and differences between them as well as what influences they left behind. We will look at their writing, number systems, architecture and inventions.



We will focus on the Shang Dynasty for a research project, and will link this to our DT project, where we will be learning about Chinese food. We will look at traditional Chinese ingredients, tasting and evaluating the flavours and nutritious values of these foods before designing and cooking our own healthy Chinese menu to share at the end of the term as we celebrate Chinese New Year.


In science, we will be supporting this learning by finding out how humans and animals get their food and why a healthy, balanced diet is important. We will also be investigating our skeletal and muscular systems. 


In English, we are going to be focusing our writing around the following texts as we learn to write diary recounts and playscripts.



Watch this space for some examples of our amazing work!

We have been practicing our cooking skills ready to make some delicious Chinese food!

And here we are putting those skills into practice...making traditional Chinese recipes and then making our own recipes which we designed. Yum!