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Friday 8th May

Morning Year 6. 


Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. I hope you are doing lots of lovely activities with your parents and families today to commemorate this momentous day. 


I will upload some activities for you. 



Problem Solving Friday. Have a go at this activity below



Have a listen to Winston Churchill' s speech on VE Day 1945 :

I also put some of it into a word document and defined some of the more complicated vocabulary. Your writing task today is to come up with a Germany has surrendered speech as if you were the Prime Minister. What would you say to your country on this day?

Finally, some fun topic things for you to do (I am not expecting for you to complete all of these they are just some suggestions). 


Union Jack Flag - recreate the union jack onto a piece of paper by using collage. cut up recycling or bits of paper to create a Union Jack flag. 


VE Day medal design - come up with your own design for a medal that would have been presented to the war heroes on their return to the country. Write down why you choose to design it in the way that you did and why it has significance. 


Morse Code - Morse code was used in the second world war between naval bases and warships, why don't you research morse code and then come up with your own code to communicate with siblings or other family members, write them some messages in your code and see if they can decipher them. 


Your main aim today: is have some fun!!!