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This term we will be learning the topic Settlers. 

This topic will  be solely based on...


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This will be a very exciting topic as we will be looking at the Bayeux Tapestry, crime and punishment in Anglo Saxon Britain and designing and creating a shield (they will either be Team Viking or Team Anglo Saxon) and a battle will take place towards the end of the term.


Please come back throughout the term to take a look through our wonderful work


We have been doing some fantastic artwork this term, focusing on the Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux Tapestry. Have a look through some lovely examples of the children's work:

In addition to the fantastic Bayeux Tapestries we have also been looking at Ancient Futhark Viking Runes and used their runic alphabet to create our own names. 

Have a look at the names below and see whether you can tell what the names spell...

We have had a wonderful afternoon designing and starting to create our Viking shields this afternoon. We also got to sit out in the sunshine to do it which made the afternoon even better. 


(I can't wait to see the finished products!)

The finished shields! Don't they look AMAZING?!

We also had an EPIC battle with the Saxons (Merlin Class), safe to say the Vikings DEFEATED the Saxons in their "Raid of Benson Community Field!"