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What do plants need to grow?

We are conducting an experiment to see what plants need to grow. 


First we established what the requirements for life were using MRS GREN. We watched a funny cartoon for this about Mrs Gren who thought that lots of things were alive which weren't! Next we had to decide what we could take away from the plants to see if they were important for growth. The three most popular options were taking away heat, taking away light and taking away water. There was an interesting suggestion to take away their air, but we are waiting to hear back from the school's space program about sending some of our plants up into the vacuum of space to deprive them of air! 


- Those that would grow without heat would go outside to experience the current cold weather.

- Those that would grow without water would stay in the classroom but would not be watered daily like the rest. 

- Those that would grow without light would move to the cupboard but would still be watered. 


Mr Hopkinson also thought that it would be a good idea to have a control plant that would stay inside in the warmth and light and still get watered too to compare to the growth of the others. 

Planting day 22nd November