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Spring 2: Oh What a Knight!


Oh What a Knight!




This term Gazelle class are going to be travelling back in time to explore the times of knights and castles. We will be learning all about the features of castles and how they were built to defend against any attackers. Children will find out about methods used to attack the castles and even have a go at using some against our own castles!



In our topic children will also find out about the lives of the people who lived inside the castles, from servants to knights and even royalty. They will learn about the lives of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, comparing their reigns and deciding which they think was the more important monarch. 




In science children will use their knowledge of materials to plan and build their own model castle. They will then use their investigative skills to consider the best material to use as a missile in a catapult to knock it down again!


In art children will be looking at royal portraits and will become detectives, looking for hidden symbols and meanings. They will work collaboratively to reproduce some famous portraits of Queens on a large scale. Children will also look at different styles of painting and will produce a painting of a castle in the style of Paul Klee.