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Summer 2: Incredible Inventions

Incredible Inventions! 



This term we are being led and inspired by history, focusing on people that have invented amazing things such as Thomas Edison, William Caxton and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, whilst considering how they have impacted our lives and the ongoing designs and work of others,


To support our investigation into the evolving nature of photography and cameras, we have a visitor coming into class with a selection of cameras for the children to look at up close, before designing their own box camera in design and technology. We will also be revisting our cooking skills and food hygiene knowledge for our whole school Cookathon this term. Gazelle are presenting a menu in the theme of the 1990s!


In English, we will be using a sequence of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, to inspire our writing in a number of different forms, including texts about inventions and their inventors.


In science, we will continue to develop our working scientifically skills, by completing practical investigations and setting up experiments.


At the end of term, we hope to welcome our many parents and guardians to an open classroom on Friday 14th July at 3pm, to share our work from this term.

CAMO Day 2023 - What a day! 


Gazelle Class got thoroughly involved in their Camo Day experience this year, with 9 activities throughout the day. They had a go at everything with their, "We got this " attitude, and asked lots of great questions of all the amazing volunteers running the day. The favourite was of course the helicopters, but lots of the children recalled facts from last year on many of the stands, and from our more recent visit to the Fire and Rescue section. Staff were particularly proud of the responsible attitude of all the children, to practicing the recovery position and CPR on the medical stand, with several surprised how easily they could move an adult into this important safety position, and all recited many times their new rhyme to support recall of what to do in an emergency: "Hello Cheeky, bring your knee to me.". There was also some great teamwork on show in the teddy bear relay on this stand. Well done Gazelle!

Cookathon, 1990s style! 



Gazelle were very excited about their Cookathon entry, celebrating the 1990s. Following the decade's passion for everything Mediterranean, with a generous helping of sun dried tomatoes, we cooked and served up tuna mac 'n cheese (apparently an extension to the trend for casseroles in the 1970s and 1980s), alongside freshly-baked foccacia bread with sun dried tomatoes and rosemary and a salad of fresh green lettuce and - you guessed it! - sun dried tomatoes. Both the rosemary and lettuce were grown at school, from plants we planted last year! Pudding followed the trend for 'tall', stacked food, with a yummy knickerbocker glory. 


In addition to the food, the children also used their computing skills to research facts about the decade. Amongst other facts, they found out that Aldi established their first shop in the UK in 1990, in Stechford, Birmingham. Also that the Hubble Space Telescope, made by NASA and the ESA working together, was launched in 1990, an invention that changed our view of the universe and our place within it. Well done Gazelle! 


Many of the children were asking for the recipes for the food we made.  The macaroni cheese was made from experience - no exact recipe to share (sorry), though there are many online! But the foccacia and knickerbocker glory recipes we followed are linked below. We made the mac 'n' cheese and knickerbocker glory as gluten free, and they were very tasty! 


Focaccia recipe | BBC Good Food


Knickerbocker Glory 99 (