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Magical, Mythical Monsters

Welcome back Apaches! 

We are so happy to see our whole class returning together this term.

We have lots of fun and hard work ahead as we move into the summer months.

Remember to listen, be kind and work hard! smiley

This term’s topic work is primarily based around science, with a focus on living things and their habitats. We will begin by looking at food chains and different animals’ diets, exploring carnivores, omnivores and herbivores and considering how different animals and living things fit into a range of food chains as producers and consumers. We will be learning the seven characteristics of living things and investigating living things in local habitats and micro habitats, before moving on to the classification of living things, including plants. We will be using classification keys to group and sort living things into groups in different ways and will be considering similarities and differences. As part of our classification, we will be learning about invertebrates, the five different groups of vertebrates and how to recognise them.


Our science work will then lead into a design and technology project to create a shelter for a magical or mythical creature, drawing on elements from The Wizards of Once text and taking into account the requirements for living things. We will research, investigate and test different structures, frames and joins, as well as exploring waterproof materials. We will be working in groups to follow a brief, create different concepts and develop a final design with detailed planning. Our finished model will then be tested and evaluated so that we are able to consider how the design could be improved further. Accurate measuring will be required and we will be learning to persevere and adapt work when original ideas do not work.


Music this term will also follow on from the topic of living things as we explore how different animals could be expressed through the use of different instruments and a range of musical styles.