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Thursday 30th April

Good morning and can I just start by saying what fantastic poems you created (those who sent them in). You are becoming extremely good at creating poetry. You may be the next William Shakespeare!!


So this morning, your maths is in the link below. Remember the rules for algebra as well as BODMAS. Remember that if there is (2n) it means 2 x that letter, as well as 2(n+3) means you do the n+3 first and then times that answer by 2! Have fun with the activity. Any problems please let me know. 

English for this morning is a writing task. The instructions are on the document below. I have also attached some examples of the text type underneath the document in case you need to refresh your memory. 

Your topic this afternoon is to create a SPACE Board Game. I have uploaded some board game templates below (however, if you would like to create your own that is absolutely fine) and I would like you to use your creativity to make a game you and your family can play and for you to SHOWCASE everything you have learnt about SPACE this week. 


Have fun.