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Squirrel - Reception

Welcome to Squirrel Class 


Reception is a fantastically exciting year when we welcome you to your learning journey at RAF Benson Community Primary School. We have some amazing things planned for you, so watch this space.


Your teachers this year are:

Blue Squirrels: Mrs White who will be supported by Mrs Neal (Teaching Assistant).

Red Squirrels: Miss Fitchew who will be supported by Miss Parr ( Monday to Thursday ) and Mrs Laidlaw ( Friday mornings).


Important Notices 


Drop off and Pick up : 


Your parents/carers will need to drop you off in the mornings in your classroom. They can help you hang up your coat, help you put your water bottle away. You can then find an activity to start your day. Your parents/carers will be able to pick you up from your classroom at the end of the day. 

Times :

1st week of Reception  : 8:45 am to 11:45 am 

2nd week of Reception : 8:45 am to 1 pm ( stay for lunch ) 

Rest of the Reception Year: 8:45 am to 3:10 pm


If someone other than your parents/carers are picking you up, they will need to let the office know in advance. 


Achievosaurs and Wow moments: 


Achievosaurs are our resident dinosaurs who celebrate your  ‘growth- mindset’ and ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ achievements. They will be handed out on Friday afternoons and you will be able to keep them for the weekend. Please can you make sure that they are well cared for and returned to school on Monday morning. 


Wow moments are those little (or huge!) achievements that happen at home. We would like to celebrate these moments with the children and school too so we will be sending home some popcorn templates for you to fill in when you have a ‘Wow’ moment. These could be anything from getting dressed independently for the first time to reading a sentence in your book. We have a popcorn board on display and we hope to fill it with all those precious moments. Please could you send in the completed popcorn so we can add it to our board and put a copy in their Learning Journey. Once our board is filled to the brim, we will have a ‘Popcorn Cinema’ to celebrate. This will take place in the classroom at an appropriate time.

Don't forget to send these into school so we can place them on our board.


School Dinner 

Please remember to order your choices for meals using the online system the day before the meal is required. 


Packed Lunch 

If you are bringing in a packed lunch, please remember to pack a delicious healthy selection of foods and please be aware that we are a Nut Free school. No chocolate spread or peanut butter!



Please remember to bring in a named water bottle. We will have a selection of delicious snacks for you to eat.


PE Kit 

You will have  PE lessons on Friday afternoons and we look forward to seeing how well you can hop, skip and jump! Please can you make sure that your kit has your name on it and you know where to look for your name. Please can you pack a spare set of clothes and socks in case of any accidents. 



Reading is an important life skill and we hope that you will love learning how to read. We will be sending your reading folders home from Friday 8th November 2019. 


Outdoor Learning 

We go outdoors everyday, come rain or shine. Outdoor learning enables children to enjoy the natural environment and learn to seek out essential exercise, fresh air and activity. It allows the children to be experimental and supports the children’s problem-solving skills. It nurtures their creativity by providing opportunities for their developing imaginations, inventiveness and resourcefulness. We offer suggestions and challenges for the children to do at the various stations and plan adult-led activities in Literacy and Mathematics. During the long winter months, it can get a little bit chilly so on some occasions we offer the children a comforting ‘hot chocolate’ drink during snack time to warm them up and encourage them to keep going. We recommend you have a good winter waterproof coat, waterproof gloves, and a hat to help make these sessions more comfortable for you. Please can you make sure they are clearly named.




It is our school policy that we do not give homework to reception children other than reading activities. You will receive an envelope with the phonic sounds you need to learn each week.Please practice these sounds each day. You can play games with the sounds such as ‘Which one is missing? and ‘Can you find...?’ etc. You can also practice writing the sounds. Try writing them in flour on the kitchen counter or using shaving cream on the bathroom tiles in the bath. Once you are confident with the sounds , you can begin to form simple consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words to read. If you are not sure of how to pronounce the sounds ,a google search of  'sounds of the English phonic code '  will provide some good examples. Other activities that you can do at home include cutting skills, creating story maps of your favourite book, learning to do zips and buttons, using a knife and fork to cut up your meals and story telling. However, it's really important that you have a good rest at home so that you are ready for all the learning you will be doing during your day at school.


If you have any questions we are always happy to talk to them before or after school. 


 We are very excited about the adventures we will have this year 


we hope you'll have loads of fun along the way too!