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What do people say about us?

What do our children say about us?


Our children's voice is very important to us. This is what they on the link below to go to our Video Media Centre


Feedback from our Parent Questionnaire

We love to hear how we are supporting our children and families and whilst we are keen to know how we can improve we also like to hear what we do well.


Above you will see the analysis of the last two parents' evening questionnaires. Where there is a high figure in the 'Don't know' box, parents commented on the questionnaire that they had not had any experience or had been at the school long enough to make a judgement. We are really pleased with the outcome however we strive to do even better for our children and parents.


Below are some comments our parents have recently made:


"This school puts my child’s development first!"

"My daughter will be sorry to leave this school"

"This school provides unique opportunities for the children of Service families and we feel privileged our child attends here."



"My son always seems to come home happy and (after a bit of coaxing) will usually have something really positive to say about his experiences that day"


"Proud to see huge progress in our son’s work"




"Welcoming school, very supportive. Keeping me updated on my daughter’s progress and the transition form the previous school, which was a worry to myself, however my daughter is happy which makes me happy."


"The teaching quality is excellent, as is the leadership. It is a happy and vibrant school."




"Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s outstanding!"


"A great School"


"A positive and happy environment where children learn and prosper!"

"My daughter always returns home full of chat about her days activities. I love hearing her so excited about all she has learnt."


"Happy, friendly school"


"Fantastic School, fantastic staff" 


"Happy, bright and fun school!"


"My daughter goes to school with a smile and is still wearing it at the end of the day – what more could I ask?"


"Communication is good. Fantastic School"


"This is a fantastic school and a real credit to RAF Benson"


"Excellent support for our children everyday so they have a better tomorrow."


"Happy school = happy children!"


"We love everything about the ethos of this school. The whole team works so well together to provide the best education for all children."


"Engaging, rewarding and personal. The school and it’s staff support my child in a really fantastic and caring manner to ensure he learns and grows in a wonderful environment."



"A great Sociable and caring school"


"Caring and helpful school"


"The school is a happy and safe environment"


"Excellent standard. A++ teaching, understanding and caring"


"A good school throughout!"


"Excellent school – very happy to be back!"


"RAF family is extended within the school. Excellent for families with a deployed parent"


"Excellent well-managed school, my son absolutely loves coming to school."


"Educating the young hearts and minds of our community"


"Great school – my children are happy here."


"Outstanding effort, always from members of staff, excellent leadership"


"Wonderful learning environment where the kid’s needs are put first"


"Brilliant school – great teachers and very welcoming"


"The most fantastic school you could wish for; truly dedicated to giving every child the very best education and opportunities for growth"


"Lovely, family community school"


"My child really seems to enjoy it and loves her uniform – she is proud to wear it."


"This school is fun!"


"Supports the creativity of our future!"


"A fantastic well-structured school and the teachers are brilliant"


"I know this school cares for my child as much as we do. We couldn’t ask for anything more."


"Teamwork makes the dream work"


"RAF Benson is very welcoming and accommodating to all pupils and help greatly with the challenges of being a child of a military parent."




"A superb learning environment in which my child thrives in all aspects"


"My child has had some real issues accessing education due to SEN barriers, this school has broken them down and they now accesses every area of the curriculum daily. Most important of all they are happy!"


"My son has settled amazingly and felt safe and secure in his new school environment from coming up from pre-school. Above all else has developed a passion for learning"


"A school that fully supports every child, with all needs, from all backgrounds"


"A great school with excellent pupils"


"A welcoming and inclusive school"


"Great School! We feel much safer to send kids to school. Kids diets encouraged in the aspect of studies and activities"



"My child is really happy here."

"Communication is excellent and all teachers are approachable and friendly."

"A very friendly school."


"My children are always happy to go to school, enjoy it and have fun while they are there."


"The school quickly settles new children into class and makes sure they feel welcome from day one."


"We feel our children are taught well and they are happy in their classes and we are kept up to date with events and things going on in school."


"This school is good at recognising children's efforts and making them feel valued."


"You do a lot of good things with the community which is good."


"My child has settled in really well at this school - she absolutely loves her teachers."


"My child has settled in well after moving schools 3 times in 4 months after returning from a deployment. The care given to military families is of great benefit."


"Wonderful school - would recommend highly. The main thing is my daughter is happy, confident and enjoying school. Thank you."


"All staff at the school are very welcoming."


"The pastoral care offered to my child and myself in recent weeks has been invaluable in helping our family cope with the trickiest time as a military family yet. We are really grateful that staff have so much time for us."


"Fantastic and interactive learning environment - my son loves coming to school!"


"The support we have received has been fantastic over the last few years and my children have all been very happy here."


​"My child enjoys coming to school to learn with his friends about exciting topics."


"The school is an integral part of the RAF Benson Community."


"The school has welcomed me as a new parents and made me feel part of the community already."


"A fantastic school with a caring attitude and excellent results!" (mum) "It's a fun school; we do loads of different activities. I love being at RAF Benson Primary School!" (son)


"All round fantastic School."