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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is keeping well and had a great Christmas and New Year and ready to start learning again. As always, we have some fantastic things that we are doing this term and I will try and make it as easy and fun as I possibly can for those that are at home as well as in school.


Here is where you will find your online learning activity plans. We are operating this slightly differently to the last lockdown as we will be uploading our short teaching clips for Maths and English each morning for you to view - this will be accessible on Google Classroom as well as any resources that you need to complete the activities (please note that workbooks can be collected from the office).


As you know, everyone has made AMAZING progress since September and we had just about caught up with the learning that we missed last academic year. It is so important that EVERYONE continues to read on a regular basis, and by regular, I mean DAILY! Continue to practice your times tables too - as these will help with your fractions this term!


Keep going, keep learning, keep your heads up and i will see you soon!



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