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Victorious Vikings

This term, Merlin have lots of exciting and interesting subjects to study.

Here are some highlights of what we will be learning …


This term we will be studying the Vikings and learning about what life was like for them living in Britain.  We will study the timeline considering what Britain was like before the first invasion up to the end of this historic era.


In English, we will be using the book ‘The 1000 Year Old Boy’ to support our writing.  This ‘hook’ will be used to support their writing of a diary.  We will also be writing a fact file about King Canute, the Viking.  Our grammar lessons will include tenses, adverbs, writing in paragraphs, apostrophes and time conjunctions.  We will be continuing to improve our writing by using different literary techniques and high-level grammar.


In maths, we will be continuing our learning about fractions and expanding our knowledge of multiplication and division.  We will be comparing, ordering, adding and subtracting our fractions.  With our multiplication and division we will be multiplying (4 digit x 2 digit) and dividing (4 digit x 1 digit) and then applying our knowledge to problem solving.


In science, this term we will be studying  ‘animals including humans’ focussing on the changes as humans develop to old age.  We will learn how humans change throughout their life including puberty through to old age.  We will undertake a comparison of the gestation period of a human versus a variety of animals.


In our PE lessons, we will be focussing on swimming and gymnastics.  In gymnastics, we will develop symmetry create longer and more complex sequences and adapt performances.  We will include learning how to perform a round-off, a counter balance and smooth transitions using different levels.