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Service Pupil Premium

This page contains relevant reports to illustrate how we, as a school, effectively use the both the Disadvantage Pupil Premium and Service Pupil Premium Grant that is given to us by the Government.


As a school with a high number of pupils from a Service background, we qualify for Service Pupil Premium funding as well as some funding for pupils either currently in receipt of Free School meals or who have been in the last 6 years.

The reports below explain how this funding has been spent over the last academic year and the impact it has had.


We have created two Strategy Statements within each report to differentiate between the Disadvantaged Pupil Premium (FSM and FSM6) and also Service Pupil Premium that we receive.


We do recognise that not all pupils will require support both pastorally and educationally, however we strive to use this funding to ensure that the needs of all pupils are identified early and the necessary support rapidly put in place.