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Christmas Stamp Competition

Yes, it was very strange in the raging heat of July to be thinking about Christmas however, we were very lucky to be able to take part in the Royal Mail's Christmas Stamp Competition. We have entered 146 designs hoping that one will be selected to be made in to a Christmas stamp for Christmas 2013. Fingers crossed everyone!!!

Here are some of the designs we sent in!
Abbey Duchars Stamp
Aiden Gore Stamp
Alana Warren Stamp
Alfie Briggs Stamp
Cameron Jackson Stamp
Carena Purves Stamp
Cerys Lee Stamp
Charlie Lyes Stamp
Charlotte Sullivan Stamp
Ebony Pinn Stamp
Edi Simpson Stamp
Ella Westwood Stamp
Ellie Lyes Stamp
Finlay Anderson Stamp
Imogen Calverley Stamp
Isobelle Moorehouse Stamp
Jack Gillon Stamp
Jacob Reid Stamp
Jake Houghton Stamp
Jake Tibbs Stamp
Jessica Gray Stamp
Kelen Shelley Stamp
Kennedy Shelley Stamp
Leyton Towers Stamp
Liam Crossman Stamp
Lily Calverley Stamp
Lottie Tandy Stamp
Medea Watson Stamp
Mia Bevan Stamp
Millie Davies Stamp
Oliver Hague Stamp
Olivia Day Stamp
Poppy Kellett Stamp
Rosie Appadoo Stamp
Toby Hetherington Stamp
Zach Boyd Stamp