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Home Learning 18.2.22

Happy wind day! 

We will be having a 30 minute zoom session at 10:00, but in the meantime here are some activities for you to complete today:



For our problem solving lesson today, we were going to play a money game, to practise all the skills we have learned in our money unit. I have attached the game below.
If you can print it, stick the pages together to make a game board.
If you aren't able to print (or if you are feeling particularly creative!), use some of the ideas from the board to design your own money board game. 

You will need a dice and all players must start with a total of £10. If you have some real money to use, great, or you can work out the totals mentally or using a number line, as we have done in class. 

Have fun!



For English today, we were going to edit our instruction writing. As we don't have access to our books, your task today is a creative write. Your writing stimulus today is today's weather! 

Choose a writing genre (story, newspaper article, instructions, diary entry, poem, letter, TV script, non-chronological report), try to remember the features of your genre and show your adults how amazing your writing has become! You can even put on some Lo-Fi hiphop like we do in the classroom :) 

Good luck, and I can't wait to see what you come up with when you bring it to school next term.



Your topic task today is to answer the end of topic quiz, which is attached below. Try to think about all of the learning we have done this term and answer the questions independently! 

Please bring your answers with you next term so we can get them into your books to compare to when we answered them at the beginning of the term. 

Good luck! 


Also, here is the link to our end of term assembly - I'm sure your adults would love to see it!