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Term 1 Amazing Animals

Our topic this term is called ‘Amazing Animals’
Children have asked to learn about pets, animals in the garden and dangerous animals. Because of this we have rolled all 3 subjects into a term long topic about all sorts of animals.
During this topic we will be learning about;
How we look after animals in our homes,
Find out facts about animals
Design and make a moving animal
Use ICT to show our information
Some questions that the children will be answering:
What is a living thing?
What animals visit our school?
Where in the world do different animals live?
In Literacy this term, we will be learning about:
  • Labels and Captions- Initially we will be using our phonics to write single word or multiword labels and captions for the classroom.
  • Stories with Familiar settings- As our topic is Amazing Animals we will be sharing these stories paying particular attention to the settings and places we all know and love (forest, farm, zoo etc).


In Maths this term, we will be learning to;
·        Consolidate our counting up to 20
·        Consolidate our number recognition and formation
·        Use practical equipment to add 2 numbers of objects together.
·         Putting numbers into order.
·        Taking turns and learning rules for maths games.

During our 'amazing animals' topic Year one went to visit Buckleberry Farm. We saw many different animals including Deer, goats, sheep, chickens and we even got to hold the Guinea pigs!