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Shooting stars -Photographs

Picture 1 The 'make a family tree' challenge
Picture 2 The 'make a list of your favourite toys' challenge
Picture 3 The 'count the spoons and forks' challenge
Picture 4 The 'can you bounce a ball 50 times?' challenge
Picture 5 Instructions for my favourite sandwich.
Picture 6 Shadow drawing
Picture 7 The 'cutting a sandwich in half' challenge
Picture 8 The 'count the spoons and forks' challenge
Picture 9 The 'draw an astronaut ' challenge
Picture 10 The 'make a helmet and jet pack' challenge
Picture 11 Tea party in space
Picture 12 Cooking at home following a video tutorial
Picture 13 The 'Bar Chart' challenge
Picture 14 Cosmic Yoga at home
Picture 15 Rearing butterflies since they were caterpillars
Picture 16 The 'make a space helmet' challenge
Picture 17 Rice Krispie cakes by Alfie-Jon
Picture 18 The 'design alien underpants' challenge by Harry
Picture 19 Making Muffins

VE Day celebrations

VE Day celebrations 1 Beautiful Bunting
VE Day celebrations 2 Lego Spitfire
VE Day celebrations 3 Junk Modelling spitfire with passenger
VE Day celebrations 4 Mini Junk Modeling spitfire
VE Day celebrations 5 Giant box Spitfire
VE Day celebrations 6 Spitfire glider
VE Day celebrations 7 Cotton wool Spitfire

Roaring Rockets

Roaring Rockets  1 By Lily
Roaring Rockets  2 By Leo
Roaring Rockets  3 By Macsen
Roaring Rockets  4 By Oliver
Roaring Rockets  5 By Ethan
Roaring Rockets  6 By Lily
Roaring Rockets  7
Roaring Rockets  8
Roaring Rockets  9
Roaring Rockets  10

Amazing Astronauts

Amazing Astronauts  1 By Ethan
Amazing Astronauts  2 By Harry
Amazing Astronauts  3 By Lily
Amazing Astronauts  4 By Myla
Amazing Astronauts  5 By Oliver

Spectacular Space

Spectacular Space  1 A famous astronaut profile By Mason
Spectacular Space  2 'A rocket is like a dragon' - A Poem by Myla

Gorilla Families

Gorilla Families 1 By Charlie
Gorilla Families 2 By Erin
Gorilla Families 3 By Freya
Gorilla Families 4 By Myla
Gorilla Families 5 By Theo
Gorilla Families 6 By Alfie-Jon

Fabulous Frogs

Fabulous Frogs  1 By Adelle
Fabulous Frogs  2 By Evelyn
Fabulous Frogs  3 By Grayson
Fabulous Frogs  4 By Holly
Fabulous Frogs  5 By Henry
Fabulous Frogs  6 By Phoebe
Fabulous Frogs  7 By Sophie
Fabulous Frogs  8 By William

Safari Guides

Safari Guides  1
Safari Guides  2

Easter cards

Easter cards  1 By Courtney
Easter cards  2