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Shooting stars -Photographs

The 'make a family tree' challenge
The 'make a list of your favourite toys' challenge
The 'count the spoons and forks' challenge
The 'can you bounce a ball 50 times?' challenge
Instructions for my favourite sandwich.
Shadow drawing
The 'cutting a sandwich in half' challenge
The 'count the spoons and forks' challenge
The 'draw an astronaut ' challenge
The 'make a helmet and jet pack' challenge
Tea party in space
Cooking at home following a video tutorial
The 'Bar Chart' challenge
Cosmic Yoga at home
Rearing butterflies since they were caterpillars
The 'make a space helmet' challenge
Rice Krispie cakes by Alfie-Jon
The 'design alien underpants' challenge by Harry
Making Muffins

VE Day celebrations

Beautiful Bunting
Lego Spitfire
Junk Modelling spitfire with passenger
Mini Junk Modeling spitfire
Giant box Spitfire
Spitfire glider
Cotton wool Spitfire

Roaring Rockets

By Lily
By Leo
By Macsen
By Oliver
By Ethan
By Lily

Amazing Astronauts

By Ethan
By Harry
By Lily
By Myla
By Oliver

Spectacular Space

A famous astronaut profile By Mason
'A rocket is like a dragon' - A Poem by Myla

Gorilla Families

By Charlie
By Erin
By Freya
By Myla
By Theo
By Alfie-Jon

Fabulous Frogs

By Adelle
By Evelyn
By Grayson
By Holly
By Henry
By Phoebe
By Sophie
By William

Safari Guides

Easter cards

By Courtney