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Autumn Term 2- Light Fantastic

We are investigating light in Science,identifying light sources, distinguishing between man-made and natural light sources, and things that are not light sources. Puma class will explain how shadows are formed and how light reflects from a mirror. They will learn the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent. Finally, the children will incorporate all their knowledge of light and shadows into an investigation into what material will be best to make shadow puppets.


Art creations will be inspired by ‘Light and Dark’. Children will continue to improve their art and design techniques whilst learning about different artists and art from different cultures. Work will include making clay Diva lamps, paper lanterns, rangoli patterns with sand and shadow puppets.


Puma Class will be looking at ‘Light and Dark’ which will teach them about the importance of light in Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism through learning about Advent, Christmas, Diwali and Hanukkah. 


Of course there is much more happening in this busy term- Our first French lessons, Christmas fair, songs around the tree, Christmas lunch, the puppet show and so much more.


Keep an eye out for photos being added.