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Summer Term 1 - Incredible Inventions!

Incredible Inventions



Welcome to the start of our Summer Term! This term our topic is 'Incredible Inventions'.


We are going to be learning all about inventions from the past and the amazing people who designed and created them. We will be thinking about which ones have had the most important impact on our lives as well as those that have effected our environment.


Children will get the chance to  become inventors themselves, looking at the process of invention by finding a problem and trying to solve it. We will be developing ideas through drawing clearly labelled diagrams and using our knowledge of everyday materials to help us make models of our own fantastic machines.


In English we will be exploring a range of texts which we will use to inspire our writing for purpose. Children will learn to create instruction and explanation texts as well as exploring grammatical features through story writing.


Linked to our texts 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and 'The Crayon Man', we will be discovering the different ways we can create art using wax crayons!