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Spring 1: Once Upon a Time...



Once upon a time there was a class of Year 2 children, who learnt all about story telling...


This term Gazelle class are going to become authors and explore the exciting world of stories. Our class book this term is going to be 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', so they are going to be finding out all about who Roald Dahl was, the books he wrote and how he got his ideas. We will even be visiting a museum dedicated to him to help with our learning. 




In our topic children will have a go at being Willy Wonka themselves, by designing their own chocolate factory and creating a recipe for their very own chocolate bar! We will be developing our Pop-Art skills in art to create bright, eye-catching wrapper designs to package our scrumdiddlyumptious designs!  




In Science children will continue to investigate chocolate and sweets, this time by carrying out experiments to see what happens to them in different conditions and to see which ones dissolve the fastest. 




In History and Geography we will be exploring our local area. Children will create maps to show all the literary places nearby, including Roald Dahl's house, Alice in Wonderland's sweet shop and where the Hogwarts great hall was inspired! We will look at how our locality has changed over time since some of these famous stories were written.