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South America

South America!


This term our topic has a geography and D&T focus. The children will be exploring the physical features of South America and how it compares to the physical features of the UK. We will also be delving into the world of chocolate; how it is made, marketed and how we can create our very own chocolate bars. 


We will be investigating light this half-term. Something that the children began to learn in year 3. We will be focusing on how we see: reflected light and refraction, the light and how light travels in straight lines and enables us to see colours. Children will be finishing off the topic by using their newly learnt knowledge to create their own shadow puppet show for their peers!


Our learning journey text this half term is ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry. The children will be using the information from the book and further research to create their own information texts about the Amazon rainforest. The book delves into the impacts of deforestation on the thousands of species that live within the rainforest. Our other class text will be ‘The Incredible Ecosystems of Planet Earth’ by Rachel Ignotofsky – we will be exploring how the worlds ecosystems work!