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Term 5 'Hot and Cold'

This term we are learning all about things that are hot and cold!


In English this term children will be learning about writing reports and persuasion texts. Children will be expected to start using their common exception words within their writing.

In Maths children will learn how to apply different strategies to all four operations. They will become independent in choosing their own method. Children will also learn about tenths and hundredths.

In PE Children this term will be focusing on skills such as throwing and catching, speed and agility as well as balance and co-operation..

In ICT this term children will learn about how to be a meteorologist, collecting data and presenting it in a report.

In Science children will be learning about changing states, looking at how different materials react to boiling or freezing.

In DT children will use a range of skills to make and design different models, there will be a focus on light sources. Using circuits to create light.

In geography children will be learning about the equator, longitude, latitude, the northern and southern hemisphere and locating different hot or cold countries.


If you would like more information about what we are learning please see attached the topic web for this term.


We hope that you enjoy looking at all our work as much as we will do producing it!



Term 5 - 'Hot and Cold'