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Gazelle - Year 2



There will be two teachers in Gazelle class this year.

Mrs Hastings will be teaching in the mornings and Miss Galvin will be teaching in the afternoons and all day Friday.

We are also lucky to have Mrs Thornton supporting the class throughout the week.


This year we have lots of exciting topics and activities planned, based upon what you told us you would like to learn. 



The routines in our class are simple and easy to remember:


Every day - Read for at least 10 minutes per day and mark this in your home reading record. This way, if you are having difficulties, we know how to help you. We read in class too so make sure reading records and books are in your bag each day. We also encourage you to be more independent in Year 2 so please swap your books at the end of the morning or beginning of the afternoon if you have finished reading it (and a parent or teacher has written in your reading record). 


Every day - Bring a drink. We have healthy fruit for snack or bring 70p for a snack and a drink from tuck shop.


Mondays - Bring in your PE kits. You will take it home again Fridays. PE and physical activities often change days according to weather etc, so having your kit in all week is the only way of being sure to have it at the right time. 


Mondays - Homework. English and maths go home in a homework book on Mondays and should be handed back in on Thursdays - if you are finding it a bit tricky, ask an adult at home to help you and they can pop the teacher a note to let us know. If parents are finding it tricky too, or we haven't been as clear as we could then, by letting us know on Tuesday or Wednesday, it gives everyone the chance to complete homework on time. All homework is based upon what we have just learned or what we are about to learn in class.


Fridays - Spelling test. Spellings go home every Friday in a separate spelling book. Please do practise - it makes a big difference to your work. Remember to bring your spelling book back in every Friday. 


Remember, we are always happy to talk to mums and dads. The best time is 8.20 if you wish to speak to both teachers or 3.20 to speak to Miss Galvin only. If you can, please let the office know in advance, so we can make ourselves available.


We look forward to a fantastic Year 2!