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The Circle of Life

This term, our class book will be 'The Last Bear' by Hannah Gold:

In science, we will be learning about humans, animals and plants. We will start by identifying the changes in humans as they develop. This will include finding out about the growth of babies before birth as well the changes that occur to humans during puberty. We will then compare the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. After that, we will find out about the process of reproduction in plants, focussing on pollination and seed dispersal. Finally, we will learn about the process of reproduction in animals.


In history, we will be identifying how Benson has changed and suggesting possible causes for these changes. We will also be learning about the cause of World War One and how this affected the people living in Benson at the time. Finally, we will analyse and evaluate a range of sources of evidence about the history of Benson.


In art, we will be researching and evaluating the work of the artist David Shepherd. We will then use our research to inspire our own drawings and paintings of wildlife. This will involve creating initial designs, producing a wildlife painting and evaluating our artwork.