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Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Year 6. 


Both your English and Maths are online this morning, please check the timetable on the previous page to see what you have to do. 




Your Topic this afternoon is to look at the document below on Volcanoes. Write down 5 facts about volcanoes that you did not know before reading this. 

Then using this picture, I would like you to re-create this piece in whichever way you choose. It can be in black and white (pencil) or colouring pencils or if you have paints (maybe you could get creative like the artist Jackson Pollock) or maybe you could even collage (stick materials onto a page). You might even want to re-create the picture on the computer using the paint option on Purple Mash. 


I really look forward to see what you have come up with. Have a fun day,